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Patient Profile Questions:
The following questions are not required but highly recommended to make your search results more useful and focused.
Conditions: Select the condition(s) that best represent patient's health.
AIDS & Dysphagia
Cancer & Dysphagia
Diabetes & Dysphagia
Eating Disorders
Fitness & Weight Gain
Gastric Bypass
Involuntary Weight Loss
Men's Health
Pressure Ulcers
Surgery & Trauma
Weight Management
Women's Health
Wound Care
Other Condition(s):
Categories: Which of the following nutritional products are you interested in seeing? To view all product catagories do not make a selection.
Desserts & Snacks
Frozen Shake
Liquid & Powder Supplements
What other nutritional products is the patient currently using?
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Nutrition: Please check the item(s) that best represent what the patient currently needs in their diet.
Arginine - High
Biotin - High
Calcium - High
Calorie - High
Calorie - Low
Cholesterol - Low
Fat - Low
Fiber - High
Folic Acid - High
Glutamine - High
Iron - High
Lactose - Low
Phosphorus - High
Phosphorus - Low
Potassium - High
Potassium - Low
Protein - High
Protein - Low
Pureed Food
Sodium - Low
Sugar - Low
Thickened Bev - Honey
Thickened Bev - Nectar
Vitamin A - High
Vitamin B1 - High
Vitamin B12 - High
Vitamin B6 - High
Vitamin C - High
Vitamin D - High
Vitamin E - High
Vitamin K - High
Zinc - High
What other types of products and services would you like to see 4WebMed offer?
Cosmetic & Beauty Products Health Safe Home Cleaning Products Health Safe Travel Arrangements
Durable Medical Equipment Condition Specific Chat Rooms Personalized On-line Diary/Journal
Condition Specific Health News and Articles Personal Care/Hygiene Products (glucose test strips, wigs, adult diapers, bibs/aprons, air purifiers)
Optional Information Questions:
What other on-line health/medical or informational sites do you visit?
If you are purchasing other health or medical products on-line, what are you purchasing?
What health or medical related newspapes or magazines do you read or subscribe to?
What are the patient's physical limitations? Both normal activities and exercise...
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Phisical Activities/Exercise:
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