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Never before has shopping for pre-thickened beverages, instant thickeners and pureed foods been easier! 4WebMed has the widest variety of Hormel HealthLabs® Thick & Easy products. Our ability to fully customize your order of Thick & Easy is unmatched!

Thick & Easy by Hormel HealthLabs® is a full line of products for people with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties. From powdered thickeners to pre-thickened beverages, plus a full line of pureed foods, Thick & Easy takes the guesswork out of properly thickening liquids and pureeing foods at home. While some pharmacies may stock a few large bottles of one or two flavors (and maybe only one consistency), only 4WebMed offers every flavor of every size available, all the time, delivered directly to your door.

Thick & Easy Thickened Beverages

Thickened beverages like Thick & Easy come in two consistencies nectar and honey. As the names imply, nectar consistency beverages are thinner and more fluid than honey consistency beverages. No matter which consistency you choose, the textures are designed to help patients swallow the beverage properly, avoiding possible choking or aspiration.

Why purchase pre-thickened beverages? First, you can be confident that Thick & Easy products are the right consistency – carefully measured and mixed to create a tasty, easy-to-swallow blend. And don’t forget the convenience. No need to thicken beverages by the glass throughout the day – just open a single serving or bottle, and you’re ready to go. That’s why 4WebMed allows you to completely customize your order of Thick & Easy products, regardless of size or consistency.

Thick & Easy comes in 4oz single servings, 48oz bottles, and packets (coffee, tea and plain thickener) of both consistencies. Both sizes of the pre-thickened beverages come in a variety of flavors including Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Iced Tea, Kiwi-Strawberry, Orange Juice, Prune Beverage, Water, THydrolyte (water w/ lemon) and Milk. For hot beverages, Coffee & Tea are available by the packet.

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Thick & Easy® Pureed Foods

The Thick & Easy product line is more than just beverages. There is also a complete line of Pureed Foods including pureed meats, pureed fruits, pureed vegetables, pureed side dishes, pureed breakfast items and, under the Cliffdale Farms and TrePuree® names, pureed complete meals. Thick & Easy pureed foods eliminate the need to prepare meals and the worry of properly thickening to the correct consistency.

Thick & Easy offer individually packaged portions that allow you to not only customize your order, but your meals as well. The Thick & Easy® puree foods are also shaped to resemble the food’s original form, allowing your loved ones to dine with dignity as they ease into a pureed diet. With everything from turkey and corn to waffles and bacon, the selection of pureed foods will allow you and your loved ones the convenience of pre-made foods, the comfort of knowing that the consistency is just right and the quality that comes with a leading global brand like Hormel.

4WebMed also carries the complete lines of Cliffdale Farms and TrePuree® pureed side dishes, entrees and complete meals. Cliffdale Farms and TrePuree® offer 3oz, 4oz and 8oz portions of fully pureed meals that include everything from cheese pizza and apple cinnamon French toast to beef with vegetables and a full turkey dinner.

4WebMed offers over 30 varieties of pureed foods. These items are shipped frozen and arrive at your door within two days. They can be purchased as a single flavor case or in any combination to ensure variety and reduce the potential for flavor burnout. Our flexible ordering policies ensure a varied menu.

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Thick & Easy Powered Thickeners

In addition to pre-made pureed foods and pre-thickened beverages, Thick & Easy Instant Thickener enables you to make your own thickened beverages at home or on the go. It comes in a variety of sizes and is available for home delivery. Great for quickly thickening most foods and liquids, it is tasteless, odorless and won't clump.

The available sizes of Thick & Easy Powdered Thickener include 25lbs tub, 2.5lbs container and 8oz container, as well as 6.5gr and 4.5gr packets. Like all other products available through 4WebMed, these items can be ordered by the case or individually.

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Other Products for Those With Swallowing Difficulties

What are you looking for? 4WebMed makes it easy to accommodate taste preferences, consistency requirements and storage limitations. Mixing and matching individual items to create a completely customized order of Thick & Easy® products is what makes 4WebMed unique. With fast and convenient nationwide home delivery, we make it easy to get the products you want without the hassle. If you prefer one specific Thick & Easy flavor, that’s no problem – single-flavor cases are available as well.

In addition to making the full line of Thick & Easy products available for custom orders, 4WebMed also offers dessert options such as Mighty Shake "Thickened" and Magic Cup® by Hormel HealthLabs®. Magic Cup®, our number one selling product, is a nutritional fortified pre-thickened dessert that can be served frozen as ice cream or thawed as pudding. With five great-tasting flavors, this little 4oz treat can help combat the low nutritional intake associated with dysphagia and swallowing difficulties.

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