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Never before has shopping for your specialized fortified nutritional products been easier! 4WebMed has the widest variety of Hormel Health Labs® MightyShakes®. Our selection and ability to fully customize your order of MightyShakes® is unmatched!

Mighty Shakes are a great tasting alternative to shelf-stable nutrition replacement beverages.

MightyShakes® MightyShakes® No Sugar Added, & MightyShakes® Plus

Mighty Shakes™ by Hormel Health Labs is a great tasting, frozen fortified nutritional supplement for patients with medical conditions that make it difficult to take in a full day's nutrition. These low-volume, real dairy (low lactose available) milkshakes come in a variety of sizes (4oz, 6oz, 8oz) and delicious flavors.

The same fortified MightyShakes® available in hospitals and nursing homes are available for nationwide home delivery through 4WebMed. Orders can be for a single flavor case, or completely customized to provide a full variety of flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange crème). No other provider ships Mighty Shakes™ directly to your door with low minimums and total flexibility.

Everybody's needs are different, which is why MightyShakes® is available in four different formulations. "Regular" Mighty Shakes have 200 calories and six grams of protein per 4oz serving.For those with sugar restrictions, the Mighty Shake "No Sugar Added" line offers the same nutritional value in three delicious flavors. The "Plus" version is the Low Lactose alternative and is fortified with soy to provide additional calories, protein, vitamins and minerals than the "Regular" formula. There is also a "Thickened" version of Mighty Shake for those patients with swallowing difficulties or dysphasia.

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Who Can Benefit From MightyShakes®?

Anyone that isn't getting enough of their daily nutrition, as well as people with medical conditions that make eating difficult, a loss of energy or result in unintended weight loss (anorexia, cancer, HIV/AIDS, loss of appetite, malnutrition, medication side effects, stroke, etc.). Even healthy people with smaller appetites in need of some added nutrition or a little extra energy can benefit from Mighty Shakes®.

Fortified Nutrition Beyond the Shakes

Variety is important when it comes to keeping up with nutritional support and avoiding flavor burnout. That is why Hormel Health Labs® also created fortified juices, cookies and protein powders. When a shake just isn't going to cut it, you can still get the same high-quality nutrition available in MightyShakes by switching things up and trying Hormel's 206 Juice, 206 Cookies or Protein Powders (Propass & Multimix). All of these items can be combined with your MightyShake® order to help add some variety to your nutritional supplement intake.

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