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Magic Cup™
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Magic Cup™ as either a pudding or an ice cream, provides an excellent source of protein and calories. Perfect for anyone needed added nutrition and variety to their diet. 5 amazing flavors. Convenient 4-ounce servings. Suitable for persons with dysphagia. 280 calories and 9 grams of protein.

Vanilla No Sugar  4.00 ounce -- Hormel HealthLabs
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Vanilla No Sugar
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Case: 48 $124.32 ( $2.59 ea ) Single Flavor
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Specific Features Common Features
280 Calories & 9 grams of Protein
20% of Most Essential Vitamins & Minerals
Serve as Ice Cream or Pudding
High in Calcium, Iron & Zinc
High in Vitamins A, C, D
Low Sodium & Cholesterol
Suitable for people with swallowing difficulty
Special Notes
No preparation necessary. Just simply thaw and serve. Has a refrigerated shelf life of 10 days (unopened) and a freezer life of 9 months.
Nutritional Info % RDA Nutritional Info % RDA Size: 4.00 oz.
  Cholesterol 5 mg     Protein 9 g  
  Calcium 150 mg     Sodium 130 mg  
  Calories 290      Thiamin (B1) 0.23 mg  
  Fat 11 g     Iron 2.7 mg  
  Carbohydrates 40 g     Ribofl. (B2) 0.26 mg  
  Vitamin A 750 mg     Niacin 3 mg  
  Vitamin C 9 mg     Vitamin B12 0.90 mg  
  Phosphorus 150 mg     Fiber 0 g  
  Vitamin B6 0.30 mg     Sugars 30 g  
  Zinc 2.3 mg     Folic Acid 60 mcg  
  Potassium 360 mg     Magnesium 60 mg  
  This Product Is Also Recommended For:
   AIDS/HIV    Wound Care    Cancer    Geriatrics
   Involuntary Weight Loss    Kidney/Renal    Malnutrition    Alzheimer's
   Cystic Fibrosis    Pediatrics    Surgery & Trauma    Women's Health
   Cardiac/Heart    Dysphagia    Neurological    Stroke
   Men's Health    Cancer & Dysphagia    CVA    Fitness & Weight Gain